Not convinced of the winner of the basketball game? Think the team you’re counting on will lose? Then bet against the favorite in some quarters! There is a whole betting strategy for this purpose.

Basketball parimatch betting account quarters is a real outlet for those sports betting players who love basketball, but are afraid to bet on the outcome of the whole game. Is it possible to win on basketball bets regardless of the outcome of the game? Let’s look at the strategy of betting on basketball by quarters, offering this method.

Basketball bets

Basketball is among the five most popular sports among players. He is quite fierce. The individuality of basketball allows you to bet on a wide range of points, bet on team and total totals, and in big games on the personal statistics of the players.

A significant advantage of basketball betting is the number of game segments. In soccer there are only two halves of 45 minutes. In basketball, you play four quarters of 10 (Europe) or 12 minutes (USA, Asia). All of these betting options can be made not only for the main time, but also for each half of the meeting, even for each quarter.

Before the game, you can bet on a handicap or total of the first quarter, first half, the whole game. In play closer to the end of each game quarter player can bet on the next quarter. So for the game you will test yourself in predicting 4 mini-games instead of the 1st.

Players make such bets according to a special tactic of betting on basketball by quarters.