Privacy Policy

OneClout understands how crucial information is to our customers so we want to make ourselves clear of the information guidelines regarding our website. This may include any material on our products and services that are intended for the use of our customers. It is to be noted that the privacy policy is to be complied with for every visit to our website in spite of what device you use to access our site. It is also pertinent to read the policy carefully so that you can understand the consent and practices that are solely documented to protect our rights and services.

1. Information Collection

  1. We can collect personal information about you when you access our website. This information includes the name, email address and anything related to your personal profile such as your date of birth. We have the right to ask you for this information and more given you want to take permission to access our content. 
  2. We have the right to use personal information provided by you to answer your queries in an effective manner. 
  3. All information will be collected in compliance with the set terms and conditions. However, you may have the option to opt out of your subscription or any activity you take part in for promotional purposes. 
  4. The information that is received by OneClout is analyzed and stored within our rights. OneClout will not share your personal information with any third 

2. Cookies

  1. Cookies are used to assist the users in remembering their user names and password. However, you have the right to turn off the cookies if you do not want to receive them. 
  2. 3. Data Protection

    1. OneClout takes matters of privacy very seriously and we ensure optimal technical security measures to protect your information.
    2. As a policy, we undertake security protocols for each web page that collects information; but we do not guarantee anything.

    4. Consent

    1. When you access our website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.
    2. The online privacy policy rules are in place when the information is collected online and the rules don’t apply when you are operating offline.

    5. Change In Privacy Policy

    1. OneClout has the right to alter this privacy policy at any point of time without notification.
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