Web Application Development Cost- The Estimation and Comparisons

April 14, 2020

The world has moved from the question of ‘Why do we need a web app?’ to ‘How much will web application development cost?” A large number of custom web applications are developed each month to help businesses achieve their business goals.

Surfing the internet won’t help as much as you’d hope since there are many factors involved when you want a clear answer to the cost of your web application.

Let’s take the example of architectural design.

Now we all know how details as small as finishing the house would play an immense role in making it look worthy of buying. But there’s an obvious catch; buying a building that is intricately polished would cost a lot more than a normal building.

Similar is the case with web application development costs. But here, things are a little more complex than buildings.

How much does a web app cost?

If you have surveyed around in the market, you probably know that cost varies from company to company.

Apparently, Pakistani developers and small IT firms are charging much lower considering their current ranking, as shown. 

Owing to socio-economic factors, the cost for software development in Pakistan is quite low, even if you require a custom app.

Prevent unexpected Web Application Development Cost

There are a number of reasons why web app costs may rise unexpectedly. Here are the two major reasons:

  • A vendor may present you with the lowest cost possible to win your attention at first; then charge you expectedly. (Beware of such vendors)
  • The scope of the project can increase which may increase the cost as well.

Negotiate with your Vendor

Negotiation is the most important ingredient that will play a role in capitalizing on the opportunities for both parties. Poor negotiation can lead to chaos and confusion in the later stages which can turn out to be a bad experience for everyone. Therefore, offer your technology partner the benefits of working with you and cut a deal that satisfies both of you in every aspect. 

Call the vendors directly! 

If you are looking for GIS application development, chances are that you may need the above-mentioned practices to ensure smooth dealing. Nevertheless, the best way to avoid high costs for custom web applications is to find the right vendor for your business. Communicate with them directly about possible costs that may incur during the development process. This will help you iron out all the details so that you become wary of all the expected costs.

For instance, at OneClout, we provide free estimates for the scope of the project along with consultancy.

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