Agile Methodologies in Location Based Mobile App development

July 24, 2020

Incorporating agile methodologies can be the cornerstone to the success of your location based mobile app development. All these data layered applications that you see on a daily basis is a result of thousands of hours spent on its complex architecture.

Mobile App Development factors

There are some concrete factors on which a mobile application architecture is based.

Compromising on any one of these factors can put you in deep trouble. The reason being is, a considerable amount of time is spent by technology experts on the product to fulfill client requirements. Even non-technical aspects like lack of communication can jeopardize a project.

Avoiding the Hindrances through Agile

To ensure smooth project delivery and effective communication among all the project stakeholders, various project management methodologies are followed by IT experts. Especially in geolocation apps that require speed and adaptability in the development process, agile methodologies play a crucial role from idea development to execution.

Location Based Mobile App Development

In the world of GIS, if you aren’t following the adaptive approaches to manage and integrate the continuous streams of data, chances are that your GIS application development process is inefficient and obsolete. On the other hand, if you adopt these software engineering practices, you will be able to make your processes smoother and all the potential risks associated would be alleviated.

We, at OneClout, have identified the following agile practices to optimize the geolocation projects in the best way possible:

Adaptability in Planning

Nothing in location based mapping is constant. Most of the time, the developers and IT experts have to come up with ways to make the whole process more adaptive. For that, teams should be thoroughly trained and mentored.


If the entire team is on the same page, you are more likely to avoid impediments in the way of successful project delivery.  Moreover, making collaborative efforts such as daily meetings with the client can increase the efficacy when it comes to project delivery.

Iterative Development and thorough testing

Building geolocation apps can pose a great challenge when it comes to the privacy and security of its users, therefore, adopting agile ways can not only speed up the processes but also identify the loopholes in the app’s architecture through testing in repeated cycles.

Also, getting a large project with a tight deadline, it’s always a good idea to divide your work in smaller chunks to avoid redundancies.  

Regular inspection

To implement the location based technologies and geo-fencing in the app, it is pertinent to have regular inspections to streamline further processes and most importantly, decide what needs to change and adapt.

In short, if you want to pioneer in location based mobile app development, utilizing agile and incorporating the above-mentioned best practices can help you deliver award-winning applications in the future.

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