Benefits of Developing a GIS Software for Land Parcel Mapping

September 18, 2020

There was a time when no land parcel mapping software had been launched and people had to get their boots on the potential properties and county offices to acquire parcel information on the land. The whole process was arduous and time-consuming for the investors and individuals looking to buy land. 

Fortunately, the days of having to break a sweat by visiting the physical locations are gone. With digitization and advancement in GIS technology, land parcel mapping software has made it possible for anyone who wishes to have the data readily available. 

Developing a Land Parcel Mapping Software

A number of government organizations and private investors are partnering up with GIS application development companies to build responsive software for the land parcel lookup. The property parcel mapping software enables the land managers, property assessment managers, and potential buyers to surf thousands of land parcels and get their data within seconds.


A highly-functional land search software requires the integration of maps and depiction of data in form of the following layers:

  • Topography
  • Hydrography
  • Google Terrain
  • US Topo
  • Live Feed from USGS
  • Imagery and aerial view
  • OpenStreetMap

All the data is rendered using OpenLayer and the quick deployment can be done using Python programming. Its Sub-framework GeoDjango is utilized to implement features in your application. Moreover, applications of geospatial nature require a geo-stack along with databases such as PostgreSQL and PostGIS to centralize the bulk of information so that data visualization can be deployed efficiently.

Benefits of Developing Land Parcel Mapping Software

Different types of users get different benefits from using such platforms. GIS experts, real estate investors, and property analysts can use this software to pinpoint precise locations and say goodbye to guesswork.


Benefits to Local & State Governments

Local bodies in the government can make sure data is reliable and can be used for multi-purposes. Here are some of the ways parcel data can be helpful:

  • Avoids any overlap with the property records of other local offices
  • Improves decision making and property assessment
  • Easy to implement local planning 
  • A cost-effective way to access and maintain property data
  • Improves coordination with stakeholders in the property/land business
  • Accessing federal ownership details of different properties

Benefits to Private Firms

In the US, a handful of companies use parcel viewing applications to access land parcels and public records. To help them in their day to day operations, they can produce large scale maps to make decisions. It further helps the individuals in the following:

  • Planning for mineral and resource allocation
  • Routing services
  • Fleet Management
  • Engineering and construction

Potential Benefits to the Individuals

Since the records are public, the individuals can practice smooth transfer of rights and ownership. Moreover, individuals can know which areas are restricted, damaged, and polluted. They can also use the applications to resolve land disputes and other affairs of such.

For instance, the state of Pennsylvania has thousands of acres of land that is untouched. It is further reported that more than 27,000 acres of land are owned by Federal agencies, state agencies, and country/municipal governments. It can be a great opportunity for business owners to have a custom web gis application specifically for parcel viewing so that they can make better decisions using readily available parcel data accessed through a digital GIS dashboard.

If you require a similar web platform, we can provide you with consultancy and help you build a customized GIS application to aid you with parcel viewing.

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