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A GIS Landmark


Learn how we have served over 30+ counties in Parcel Viewing and delivered accurate information on wildfires across the country.

Technologies — Python. Django. AngularJS. GeoServer. PostgreSQL. Openlayers.

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A Mineral & Mining Giant

QC and Mineral Intelligence

Increased productivity and gains through the development of an efficient reporting system and visualized accurate mineral information using advanced metrics and tools.

Technologies — PHP. CodeIgniter. JQuery. ChartJS. PostgreSQL. CanvasJS

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SiteSpy: A Photogrammetric Digitizing Platform

We ratcheted up efficiency and interoperability by empowering construction workers, architects, and project decision-makers through the power of GIS.

Technologies — Openlayers. GeoServer. PostGIS. Potree. GDAL. PostGIS. PostgreSQL

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Agriculture & Farming


Learn how we assisted an agro-business in catapulting gains and achieving benchmark levels of productivity with accurate analysis of 10+ acres of land.

Technologies — OpenLayers. Angular. Python. Django

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Public Administration

E-Community Portal

Digitized the form submission system for a community that could cater to thousands of users seamlessly!

Technologies — React. Redux. Django. Openlayers. Material Lite. Bootstrap

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About Us

We provide high-performing software solutions to give businesses a competitive edge.

Our Expertise

As the experts in cloud transformation, we will help you develop a high performance data management platform using Azure Cloud computing and other Microsoft Platforms

Our decade long experience in AWS is translated into the creation of cutting-edge digital products that make a difference in the global economy. Our experience in handling the evolving cloud infrastructure of complex web applications has been prolific.

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